Proud sponsors of WitEx for more than 25 years

WitEx provides New Zealand law students a unique opportunity to practise their advocacy skills in a friendly environment resembling a real courtroom hearing. The competition is fun, rewarding and a great training experience for aspiring courtroom lawyers.

The preliminary rounds and finals are held in the first half of each year, and MinterEllisonRuddWatts has proudly sponsored this competition for more than 25 years.

What to expect and how to prepare to be an outstanding competitor

WitEx requires you to act as counsel in a mock court hearing before a judge. You will either appear as counsel for the prosecution/plaintiff or the defence/defendant. In each round, you will present an opening and closing address to the court and call one witness to prove your set of facts and support your case.

The key to success at WitEx is your direct examination and cross-examination of the witnesses, and you will learn a lot from the experience.

The problem question will be given to you 90 minutes before the hearing. It helps to have a general understanding of the law of evidence – 20/100 marks are allocated to how you deal with evidence law. The most important skills to demonstrate are an ability to get the information you need from a witness and to present compelling arguments.

Winners from each regional competition have the opportunity to travel to Australia midyear to compete against the winners from each Australian university at the ALSA Conference.

2019 WitEx winners

MinterEllisonRuddWatts congratulates the winners of each regional university WitEx Competition for 2019:

University:   Winner: Runner-up:
University of Auckland Bronwyn Wilde Luke Sweeney
AUT University Tessa Whale Chontell Lewis
University of Canterbury Robert Petch Tom Bagnell
University of Otago Jacobi Kohu-Morris Penny Mander
Victoria University of Wellington Oliver Fredrickson Fergie Catayoc
University of Waikato Tania Powell Keana Fletcher-Mathews

Important details and dates

 University:  2019 dates:  To enter contact:
Entries open  24 – 26 April 2019
Prelims  29 April 2019
Final  1 May 2019
Andrew Fermor: 021 257 6835

Yash Patel: 021 252 9888

Entries open  TBA
Prelims  13 May 2019
Final  15 May 2019
 Matthew Robertson: 021 073 6265

Paige Lee Hawkins: 021 243 0949

Entries open  TBA
Prelims  1 April 2019
Final  3 April 2019
Tony Kim: 021 300 773

Brendan McDonnell: 027 589 2343

Entries open  TBA
Prelims  25 March 2019
Final  29 March 2019
Artem Piatine: 027 459 5391

Grace Titter: 027 775 1314

Entries open  TBA
Prelims  1 and 2 April 2019
Final  4 April 2019
Tegan Quintal: 027 866 3116

Macaela Gillespie: 027 622 2009

Entries open  TBA
Prelims 25 March 2019
Final 27 March 2019
Natalie Vaughan: 022 123 4543

Jugjeet Singh: 021 084 30856

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